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Margret Clarke 4th Dan Judo a Forgotten Heroine ~ See photo of Margret Clarke ~ Henry Ellis ~ Joan Spall 1963 Grange Farm Summer School.

Kyu-Shin -Do is not a Martial Art

Origins of the BAB –  By Henry Ellis

Aikido in the UK – The Beginning

History of Ju-Jitsu in the UK

The Theory of KYU – SHIN – DO

The Budo Masters

Anita Wilson receives Dan Grade

Respect and Disrespect

Origins of the Coloured Belt System in the UK

Nakazono Memorial Event Report

Rare Nakazono Sensei Footage on YouTube
M Nakazono Sensei in all white Gi and Hakama. Rare video from early 1960’s. Nakazono Sensei was the first Japanese instructor from the Aikikai to be invited to Britain in 1960 by Kenshiro Abbe Sensei. Henry Ellis and Derek Eastman are very proud to have received their dan grading from Nakazono Sensei.

Friends of Abbe Sensei? (KA)

Henry Ellis Interview with MI Magazine Australia 2005

British Aikido – Japanese Terminology 1950 / 60’s

The Kenshiro Abbe 50th Celebration Event
14th May 2005 Crystal Palace Sports Centre London, UK By Henry Ellis

British Aikido Board
New article which takes an honest look at the role of the British Aikido Board and it’s appalling record on British Aikido History & Lineage. By Henry Ellis ex BAB Founder Member now resigned

The Biography of Sensei Henry Ellis 5th dan
The Hut was the Hell Dojo of all Hell Dojo’s

The Biography of Sensei Derek Eastman 5th dan
Describing life as a 16 yr old student at the “Hut Dojo” in the 1950’s. The first dan grades!, Sensei’s Kenshiro Abbe, Nakazono and Noro

Positive Aikido
International Fighting Arts Magazine Article by Henry Ellis, describing the very early days of British Aikido from 1957

Early Days of British Aikido
Interview with Aikido Today Magazine by Henry Ellis

Is Aikido a Martial Art?
Article by Henry Ellis

Women in the Martial Arts
Article by Anita Wilson

Origins of the Martial Arts in the UK
Article by Nigel Porter

British Aikido – The Controversy

A Tribute to Matsutaro Otani Sensei
Article by Sensei Bill Stopps