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    Learning Management Systems are a trend that are becoming more and more of a staple in both the education and business worlds. These frameworks for managing curriculums and training materials are easily adaptable and customizable to suit the needs of each individual company or school situation. They have advanced well beyond the idea of a community message board or online course tool and have become something that streamline the efficiency and needed resources for schools and businesses alike.


    The first thought that many may have when they hear a name like LMS or ‘Learning Management Systems’ is that these software systems and programs are tailored both to and for school systems. There is some relevance to that assumption. While not confined to being beneficial within learning institutions, Learning Management Systems do lend themselves to many aspects of school functions. Within the school communities, Learning Management Systems allow for students to collaborate and communicate together and to sign up for courses. Learning Management Systems also allows students to message between each other and their instructors without being on site or face to face. This ability for distance learning and communication revolutionizes the ideas of group projects and communication bulletins. Learning Management Systems can also provide a location for online materials to be housed and edited by members of a class allowing for collaboration and eliminating the barriers of location from dictating one’s ability to engage fully in their learning process. Learning Management Systems also allow for a one stop sort of gathering place for all administrative needs. Students can sign up for classes, check on grades, communicate with different departments about tuition and financial aid, graduation requirements, or upcoming schedules within one location. The organization that comes from Learning Management Systems in schools is undeniable.


    Learning doesn’t end once you leave a classroom, however, and the relevance of Learning Management Systems to many businesses can attest to that. As technology becomes more of a driving force in our workplaces there is more of a need to organize information that can be accessed from any location or office across the globe. Technology has allowed for a greater number of companies to hire contract employees who may work from a distance and never make it into the office of human resources. New employee and compliance training for companies can be managed through an online framework which would also allow for employees to work at their own pace or on an individualized schedule that makes sense for their hire date. Training departments no longer need to wait for enough new hires to justify large training sessions. Through the convenience of Learning Management Systems, employees will also have the opportunity for collaboration with colleagues in entirely different locations. In addition, employee profiles can be conveniently housed electronically on Learning Management System frameworks further streamlining the office place.

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    They are working hard to allow for smooth running and mutually beneficial programs for students, instructors, administrators, executives, and employees alike.